Industrial Commercial Real Estate Development

Like logistics, commercial real estate is a complex process that requires an experienced and knowledgeable partner.  IWDG manages its own warehousing facilities, offices, machinery, and transportation infrastructure to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.  Our team uses that same expertise to find creative solutions to your real estate needs.

IWDG’s Commercial Real Estate Division buys, builds, and leases property so your business can grow and evolve without expending the time and capital required to own and operate an industrial facility.  Once acquired, IWDG will develop, redesign, or retrofit our property to meet new or changing regulatory standards, integrate your existing supply chain, or launch your new product or line.

By collaborating with IWDG, you stay focused on your own core competencies.  From permitting and zoning to capacity, access, and utilities, IWDG will find a real estate solution that advances your organization’s mission and vision and positions you for success.

Discuss your expansion or relocation strategy with IWDG’s Commercial Real Estate Division today.